The FRUA (FREDERIC ROLLAND INTERNATIONAL & United Architects) specializes in concept design, program design and development design. The firm has realized over 40 projects; including: “Residential Project for Tangzhen”, “Music School Lingling Project – Accommodation and School Facilities”,“Construction of Kangqiao Town Residential Area” and “Commercial Project of East China Chengdu Airport Buildings”.

  1. 1954

    Atelier Architecture Frederic Rolland International, head office located in 53 Rue Toussaint, Angers France, was founded by Mr. YVES ROLLAND, the father of Mr. FREDERIC ROLLAND, who is the chairman and the principal architect in charge today. Mr Yves Rolland created his architecture practice based on medium-size urban planning, public housing projects and commercial building design. With over 50 years of experience, Atelier Rolland has become one of the anchorage architecture design office in western France.

  2. 1988

    Mr Frederic Rolland took over the office and has concentrated on large scaled architectural competitions and public building design in both west of France and in China. Frederic Rolland, Bachelor of Architecture in the Académie d'Architecture (Paris), Master of Science in Urban Design at Columbia University (New York), has obtained the first prize in the Paris National Academy of Fine Arts and was awarded Knight of French National Legion of Honor.

  3. 1993

    Frederic Rolland International and the Shanghai office were established. His wife, Polly Lo Rolland, is the chief representative of the Shanghai Office. Bachelor of Architectural Design (Architectural Art & Planning Institute) at Cornell University in New York, USA, Master of Science in Urban Design at Columbia University in New York, USA, she was awarded Knight of French National Legion of Honor.

  4. 2003

    Frederic Rolland has officially established the FRI Shanghai office and expanded his design business from France to Asia, through this office continuing the passion for architectural design.

  5. 2006

    Formerly belonging to the Design Department of Beijing Zhong Lian Huan Engineering Co., Ltd. of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People's Republic of China, United Architects & Engineers Co.,Ltd.(UA Design) was founded on Jan 1st 2000. It has a national Class A qualification in architecture, Class A qualification in urban planning, Class B qualification in landscape planning. At the beginning of 2007, UA Design passed through the ISO9001 quality system certification.
    United Architects Shanghai Branch was founded in Shanghai in 2006. The design workforce consists of national Class-A-registered architects, national Class-A-registered structural engineers and senior technicians. UA Design Shanghai Branch's General Manager is ZHOU Yingchang, who was once Vice President of Shanghai Pudong Architectural Design and Research Institute and General Manager of Shanghai Pudong Haitian Architectural Design Firm. As National First Class Registered Architect, Senior Engineer, and Shanghai Construction Senior Evaluation Experts, Madame ZHOU was awarded "Shanghai March Eighth Red-Banner Pacesetter" in 2000.

  6. 2006-2013

    Shanghai Branch has undertook nearly one hundred design businesses from Shanghai to the Yangtze River Delta Region, not only preliminary planning projects but also architectural projects design, preliminary design, construction drawing design and the whole process design projects at a later stage. The business covers many construction projects like office, commerce, hotel, school, residential, apartments, villas and urban complex with a variety of functions.
    Shanghai Branch Business Awards
    The "Tongsheng Nanqiao Residence" designed in 2009 won the "Construction Gold Medal of 2013 National Human Residence Classical Planning Competition Gold Prize".
    "Chuansha New Town Dufang Supporting Commercial Housing Project C02-08、C02-15 Block" designed in 2010 won the 7th Shanghai Excellent Residential Planning and Architecture Award, the 8th Shanghai Excellent Indemnificatory Housing Award and 2013 National Human Residence Classical Architectural Planning Gold Prize.
    Shanghai Qingpu Zhujiajiao Song'En Church (Christian Church) Project designed in 2010 won the Fifth National Private Engineering Design Enterprise Excellent Engineering Design Architectural Planning Creation Class Bronze Medal.
    The "Health Care Center (Pudong) Project" designed in 2012 won the Pudong New District 2013 Construction and Engineering Design Quality Award.
    "Kangqiao Town No.3 Site 13/46 Project" designed in 2014 won the Pudong New District Construction Engineering Design Excellence Award. In 2015, the company won the best house type of the Chinese Real Estate.

  7. 1993-2013

    FRI is always searching for the most harmonious design solutions, combining the French design with the traditional Chinese culture. Over twenty years, the company has participated in the ever changing process of making cities in China, witnessed the modification of the new city skyline across this nation (Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuxi, Nanjing, Ningbo, Wuhan, Hohhot, Kunming, Tianjin, Zhoushan, Zibo, Quanzhou and Taiwan in China.). Thus Shanghai office won numerous architectural prizes.

  8. 2012

    Frederic Rolland International (FRI for short) Shanghai Branch merges with Shanghai United Architects International Architectural Design Co.,Ltd in the vision of creating more projects of excellence. FRI has allied with United Architects Shanghai Branch to form a Cooperative Design Alliance.

  9. 2013-Now

    Frederic Rolland & United Architects Associates Co., Ltd (FRUA for short) has employees of almost a hundred people. The division of the work is more clear; the cooperation is closer; the management more fluid. It all leads to high efficiency and better quality. Since the merging day, the firm has taken a series of designing assignments: Conceptual Design, Schematic Design, Interior Design and Construction Drawing.

  10. Future

    Ensuring the public interest of the architectural creation, the quality of the constructions, the harmonious insertion in the environment, the respect of the natural landscape, the urban context as well as the historical Patrimonial aspect of the project, the company develops steadily, to create and build the environment, cities and spaces which will carry the harmonious spirit of the place.